Family Business Advice

Turnaround Solutions

Revitalise your business and prevent long-term decline with our sound family business advice

Every business has a life cycle. If you keep doing things the same way forever, without adjusting to new circumstances, the inevitable result is that your business will die.

Provided you engage with our family business advisers before it’s too late, we can intervene to identify the underlying problems and work with you to turn your business around.

We have a broader perspective than other advisers like tax accountants and lawyers who work with very limited information. That’s because we dig deep into areas such as strategies, systems, processes and organisational culture.

We will identify opportunities to increase your organisation’s profitability and sustainability. Then we will design appropriate solutions and help you implement them.

Our business improvement methodologies include:

  • Waste reduction. After unblocking business processes and improving capacity, you can expect significant increases in profit margins.
  • Process redesign. We look for opportunities to simplify and modernise your processes, removing inefficiencies that exist after years of incremental growth and ad-hoc decisions.
  • Lean Six Sigma. This is a methodology for removing waste and variation from business process. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and profitability, the outcomes often include improved employee morale and better-quality products or services.
  • Strategic planning. This is a powerful tool for identifying the real meaning and context of your business. It answers fundamental questions about why the business exists and the purpose of the wealth it generates.
  • Quality Assurance. If you want to create new market opportunities by having objective proof that your organisation’s processes are trustworthy, we can guide you through ISO9001:2015 certification. This is often a mandatory requirement for doing business with government bodies and large corporations.

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