Working With Us

Customised solutions and respect for individuals

Your circumstances are unique, so one of our promises is to customise our solutions accordingly. Another is to treat everyone in your organisation with respect and adopt the role of a supportive guide or teacher.

Our process always begins with a free preliminary discovery session. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and allows us to gather the information we need for a truly effective proposal.

There are many delivery and billing options. For example, you might engage us for blocks of three, six or twelve months, an ad-hoc project or a business health audit.

We can work with just you or with other individuals, teams or groups as required.

After-hours consultations and coaching are available by arrangement.

We leave nothing to chance, have a highly analytical approach, use the practical application of accumulated knowledge and know how to combine ‘soft’ people skills with ‘hard’ business skills.

The tools and philosophies we use include, but aren’t limited to, Lean Six Sigma, the Theory of Constraints, ISO 9001:2015 and the Three-Circle Family Business Framework.

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