Family Business Services Perth

Remove conflicts, create clarity and protect the longevity of your business.

Family dynamics within a business are complex and often the underlying cause of destructive tension and friction. Without our family business services and professional intervention, the future of your family business may be at risk.

In addition, your business needs protecting from predicable life events. These include, for example, sudden death, divorce, disease, disability or the fallout from personal tension nobody wants to discuss.

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent or minimise the negative impact of family stresses and disruptions, but only if you act decisively to take the proper steps.

Our family business consulting services protect your business because they give you:

  • Clearly defined approaches for resolving current problems and preventing future ones
  • The ability to separate the business from family politics
  • An impartial, systematic process that considers legal and human perspectives

Here are some of the specific solutions we provide:

  • Governance frameworks for responsible leadership
  • Documented agreements about how your children, future generations and extended family members will access the present and future wealth generated by the business
  • Policies tailored to the needs of your family and your business
  • Family charters that set out objective rules of engagement
  • Communications frameworks for family meetings
  • Processes for communicating family traditions, values and history
  • Processes for professionalising the business
  • Advice about preparing the next generation to become the future custodians of the business
  • Advice about using philanthropy for good and teaching the next generation about personal responsibility

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