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Management Solutions Scenario

Because confidentiality is a cornerstone of our business, we never publish any information that may identify clients or reveal what we have done for them. This is a typical scenario that we have compiled from real experiences with multiple clients that shows the benefits of proper family business plans.


A business that was once very profitable had gone into decline and developed a poor reputation in its industry. Sales had stalled, gross profit margins had fallen and customer service was mediocre. Staff turnover was extremely high and the business was finding it increasingly difficult to attract suitable applicants to fill vacancies.

The directors engaged us to review the business and provide advice on improving performance, reducing staff churn and becoming a more desirable employer.


The core problem was a lack of planning and a failure to focus on what mattered. This was evident in several ways.

  • There was no detailed business plan or clearly defined strategic goals
  • There were no key performance indicators.
  • Staff were neither engaged nor motivated
  • Management measured the wrong things
  • The reward system encouraged behaviours that harmed the business


We worked with the directors to create a new vision for the business, introduce cultural change and develop all the required plans, processes and documents.

  • A business plan identified strategies, business objectives and behavioural goals
  • Key performance indicators were created to measure what mattered
  • A new renumeration policy aligned rewards to individual and collective key performance indicators
  • A new performance review process examined both outcome and behaviours
  • Written job descriptions were created for every role
  • An employer branding program commenced to attract and retain the right people
  • Recruiting and onboarding processes were overhauled and redesigned


The business has a very strong sense of purpose and everyone is clear about their goals. Sales and profits are increasing. Staff feel empowered and motivated and turnover is low. When vacancies do occur, the business no longer has difficulty attracting quality applicants.

We continue to work closely with the directors as their professional advisers.

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